Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Still pumping up here in the "wild west"

It’s been epic, it’s been wild, it’s been a treat!! – so far – and it’s still pumping up here in the "wild west".

Here's a couple of shots from tuesday evening with some of the locals – Oliver Hartkopp, Peter Steinfath and Peters father Mike Steinfath had a nice session.
All day long Oliver was texting me - asking me - how is it?, is it good?, is it big?, is it clean? it still pumping? - I remember the feeling of missing out on a perfect day - you get restless and having problems focusing on what you ever are doing. Well that's when you know, you have been stung by the "surf bee" - only cure is to get out there and rip a few waves.
When Oliver and Peter finally got home from school the conditions were still good, not big and powerful as during the morning session, but sunshine and still nice conditions.
I was only supposed to stay here two days, shooting a couple of pic's of Victor and the rest of the surf scene up here, but I've had to changes a couple of things, because friday looks even better that what I've sen so far up here. It's just one of those seldom sessions you have to follow as long as possible. Love it when Mother Earth shows Her powers!!
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