Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day's of Thunder!!

I really needed to spend a few day's in the Northern part of Jylland. Long walks on the beach and lot's of fresh air. Love this time of the year up there, it's raw but with beautiful rustic surroundings
and a very peaceful atmosphere (NO tourists!!!)
But somehow I hit it right at the peak of a wave session, so I of corse had to shoot a couple of pic's of the local surfer guy's ripping it - all together a cool and good little sesh for the guy's.

This is my here is the first section of shots from yesterday, I'll post more of these pic's soon.

Today was an epic day with some really impressing waves rolling in all morning, and i shoot lot's of pic's here as well - much more about this epic day later on. Hmmmm - lot's of editing ahead!!!!

People living up there have it all to them selves - no real crowds, no stress, nothing but fun and waves.
One of the guy's living up there is Vic, a cool dude who really has a superb style. I shoot some amazing pictures of him the last couple of day's, but you will only see few of them here, because Vic has some other plans for these shots, as things are right now!!

Here is a couple of shots from my yesterday photo sesh - But I can reveal that today was one of the best days I have seen up there, with really nice size waves.
I'm gonna post much more pic's the following day's from these "Day's of Thunder" up north......

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