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Thursday, July 28, 2011

HAVE FUN !!!!!!!

Don't forget to HAVE FUN & SMILE - then life will smile back!! 

The author of SURFER’s Top 32 Review, Shea Lopez spent 11 years competing on the World Tour and now reigns as our resident expert on the pro surfosphere.

Kelly Slater - smiling and having some fun

Shea Lopez wrote this really cool pice for his really cool blog - Shea's Blog  - it simply hit the spot when it comes to what it's all about. 

Enjoy it - I really did
What made you become a surfer? Was it for the glory, fame, and/or money? Not likely. Most surfers who gain any form of glory, fame, or money through the act of riding waves were way too young to have had any of those things on their minds during the early stages of becoming a surfer anyway. My first picture of me surfing is standing on my dad’s longboard, wearing only a diaper—of which I have zero memory.
So why do we love to surf so much? Because it is fun, pure, cleansing, challenging, frustrating, and totally different everyday, every season, even every wave.
Take the plight of Kelly Slater presently: He’s still the world title favorite for 2011, but an epic swell in Tavi, along with pitiful surf at J-Bay, just saw him choose perfection over obligation and a lifelong pursuit to win at all costs.
Would a top ranked golfer ever elect to stay at Pebble Beach for a few more practice rounds in perfect conditions, while simultaneously missing the Torrey Pines tournament because it wasn’t going to be as good?
Not a chance.
What about a tennis player, would one ever pass up a tournament because another court was going to play better that week?
Highly doubtful.
Is their even such thing as a golfer or tennis player that is just as good or better than the competing athletes, but elects to chase perfection and freedom over competition and structure?
I don’t think so.
As surfers we are some of the luckiest humans on the planet. I still remember the day I woke up and no longer had any interest in playing organized team sports. I count my lucky stars for that decision every day, especially when I see guys that were better athletes than me grinding it out at home with their massive beer bellies in place of a long gone six-pack.
With surfing the lines have always been blurred between the best competitor and best freesurfer, but never the ones having the most fun. That honor goes to the lucky ones who are experiencing their very first ride on a wave. It’s the feeling we get as beginners on 1-foot waves that keeps us coming back for a lifetime in an attempt to duplicate those emotions, even as we progress to 20-foot Cloudbreak in hopes of getting our fix.
Thanks Kelly for reminding everyone out there it is about nature, and the bond we share with her every time we go in the water—especially on those once-in-a-lifetime swells that are worth missing just about anything for. And thanks too, Dad, for lying about all those dentists appointments at school when the surf came up so I could join you for all the great memories.
If you liked this great article about the soul of surfing, then check out Shea's blog on the SURFER Web  - it's full of really cool stuff.

Killing yourself ...... to live

Sweden have some really OK spots for surfing - watch this video and get inspired.

Killing Yourself To Live from Blueberry Visuals on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lombok Lefts - Indonesia.

Check out this great Indonesian goofyfooter photo essay by Childs 
here at the Surfermag web

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Danish Adam Malling and Mrs Malling rules the international SUP scene!!!

The German SUP Challenge 2011 rocks the East

NewSealand, Markkleebergersee/Leizip
26 °C in the shade, light wind and highly motivated participants from all over the country and neighboring countries were the ideal conditions for a successful third tour stop of the Super Flavor German SUP Challenge.
The venue was the All-On-Sea Beach Center on Lake Markkleeberg near Leipzig. The formerly flooded quarry provided an impressive backdrop for exciting SUP races in the Fun and Race Class. The tight set buoys shortly after the start-finish straight offered exciting moments for both active participants and spectators. The race course on lake Markleeberg demanded both endurance and paddle technique from the racers.
Adam Malling of Denmark and current tour leader was able to hold his overall position by winning the Men’s Race Class on his Glide Javelin. For the ladies it was Corinna Hahn of Berlin who had to defend her lead on the tour and with scoring a second in the Women’s Race class she was able to do so and even further expand her lead.
Great moments for this phenomenal sport! Stay tuned for the next race of the Superflavor German SUP Challenge 2011, August 13th 2011 in Rostock, as part of the Hanse Sail Boat Show.
Overall Ranking
Race Class-Men
1. Adam Malling
2. Markus Perrevoort
3. Christian Hahn
4. Andre Zeglin/Benno Cremer
6. Andreas Wolter
7. Olaf Schwarz
8. Volker Wohmlich
9. Jan Diestel
10. Guido Meier
Race Class-Women
1. Coinna Hahn
2. Caralina Malling
3. Andrea Moravcova/Romy Diestel
5. Christian Bauer
6. Daniele Langhans
7. Petra Offermann
Fun Class-Men:
1. Michael Pongratz
2. Manuel Bruck/Nikolaj Jörgegensen/Thomas Gelfort
5. Samuel Ludwig/Malte Mäsgen/Jörg Dittman
8. Dirk Oschetzke/Ole Schwarz/Michael Ulbricht
11. Gregor Kempel
12. Bernhard Bellinghausen
Fun Class-Women:
1. Manuela Naumann
2. Daniela Langhans
3. Antje Heiden
4. Caralina Malling/Katja Machoy
6. Katrin Schäfer/Diana Sondretzky
8. Sarah Lykke
9. Kathrin Peters
10.Chrsitina Lykke/Judith Szakacs

You will find much more inf from this great event HERE at the Naish Website. 

Results – GSC NewSealand
Fun Class-Women
1. Katja Machoy – Naish Nalu 11.6
2. Diana Sondretzky – Naish Nalu 11.6
3. Manuela Naumann – Naish Nalu 11.6
Race Class-Women
1. Romy Diestel – Naish Glide Javelin
2. Corinna Hahn – Naish Glide Javelin
3. Caralina Malling – Naish Glide Catalina
Fun Class-Men
1. Thomas Gelfort – Naish Nalu 11.6
2. Jörg Dittmann – Naish Glide 12.0
3. Micheal Ulbricht – Naish Glide 12.0
Race Class-Men
1. Adam Malling – Naish Glide Javelin
2. Markus Perrevoort – Naish Glide Javelin AST
3. Jan Diestel – Naish Glide Javelin

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My trip to French Polynesia

After showing a few pic's from Tahiti here on Rip'n Snap, I'v been asked if I could show some pic's from my own trip to Tahiti - so here they are - a little photo journey, shot by my daughter Marie in 2006, from our trip to French Polynesia - a place I really enjoyed and a place I simply have to go back to on day. 

PS. it's not a surfing essay, more at view of this unique place it self.
(click on pic's for a larger view)

 Typical Polynesian tattoo

 Hinano - the local beer 

Amazing colors and lot's of nice swells along the reefs. Surfing conditions in French Polynesia are fantastic, with some really epic and world famous spots.

 The local are so nice, always smiling and extremely friendly.

 Local fishermen from Moorea, enjoying an cold Hinano beer - smiling of course.

Locals collecting seashell's for dinner - check the surf in the background. 

 Smiling mother at the marked at Moorea, one of my favorite islands. 

 Flower trees all over the islands created a fantastic smell of sweetness in the air.

We had a few super hiking trips at Moorea.

Local doctor clinic and school.

Enjoying the shadow of an old tree - the midday temp's were really HOT.

 My daughter surrounded by fish, and it was always like that every time we snorkeled or just "took a dip" in the turquoise water.

 All these pic's of different fish are shoot over the water surface on one of the very few wind still days. They show how clear the ocean really is out there, and I only show a very small amount of fish spices. We saw hundreds of different  spices all over the place, it's such a biological rich and amazing ocean, surrounding these beautiful islands. 

Who can understand why the French wanted to make nuclear test out there, who the  f--k do they think they are !!!. Former French president Jacques Chirac gave the green light for some of these totally unacceptable nuclear tests. 

Such a strange and narrow-minded no brain behavior!!???


 This is one of the places we lived - it was absolutely perfect for a little morning dip and snorkeling all day long.

 Reef sharks in all sizes were very common.

 Octopussy's as well - such amazing animals.

 Beaty & Perfection.

A night view of the Manihi island lagoon.

 Early morning view of a black pearl farm from the island of Manihi. These pearl farms produce some of the most perfect and valuable black pearls in the world. 

While I'm making this post it poring down outside - what the Hell am I doing here in Denmark.???? 

Every man dies, not every man lives!!!!