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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Danish Adam Malling and Mrs Malling rules the international SUP scene!!!

The German SUP Challenge 2011 rocks the East

NewSealand, Markkleebergersee/Leizip
26 °C in the shade, light wind and highly motivated participants from all over the country and neighboring countries were the ideal conditions for a successful third tour stop of the Super Flavor German SUP Challenge.
The venue was the All-On-Sea Beach Center on Lake Markkleeberg near Leipzig. The formerly flooded quarry provided an impressive backdrop for exciting SUP races in the Fun and Race Class. The tight set buoys shortly after the start-finish straight offered exciting moments for both active participants and spectators. The race course on lake Markleeberg demanded both endurance and paddle technique from the racers.
Adam Malling of Denmark and current tour leader was able to hold his overall position by winning the Men’s Race Class on his Glide Javelin. For the ladies it was Corinna Hahn of Berlin who had to defend her lead on the tour and with scoring a second in the Women’s Race class she was able to do so and even further expand her lead.
Great moments for this phenomenal sport! Stay tuned for the next race of the Superflavor German SUP Challenge 2011, August 13th 2011 in Rostock, as part of the Hanse Sail Boat Show.
Overall Ranking
Race Class-Men
1. Adam Malling
2. Markus Perrevoort
3. Christian Hahn
4. Andre Zeglin/Benno Cremer
6. Andreas Wolter
7. Olaf Schwarz
8. Volker Wohmlich
9. Jan Diestel
10. Guido Meier
Race Class-Women
1. Coinna Hahn
2. Caralina Malling
3. Andrea Moravcova/Romy Diestel
5. Christian Bauer
6. Daniele Langhans
7. Petra Offermann
Fun Class-Men:
1. Michael Pongratz
2. Manuel Bruck/Nikolaj Jörgegensen/Thomas Gelfort
5. Samuel Ludwig/Malte Mäsgen/Jörg Dittman
8. Dirk Oschetzke/Ole Schwarz/Michael Ulbricht
11. Gregor Kempel
12. Bernhard Bellinghausen
Fun Class-Women:
1. Manuela Naumann
2. Daniela Langhans
3. Antje Heiden
4. Caralina Malling/Katja Machoy
6. Katrin Schäfer/Diana Sondretzky
8. Sarah Lykke
9. Kathrin Peters
10.Chrsitina Lykke/Judith Szakacs

You will find much more inf from this great event HERE at the Naish Website. 

Results – GSC NewSealand
Fun Class-Women
1. Katja Machoy – Naish Nalu 11.6
2. Diana Sondretzky – Naish Nalu 11.6
3. Manuela Naumann – Naish Nalu 11.6
Race Class-Women
1. Romy Diestel – Naish Glide Javelin
2. Corinna Hahn – Naish Glide Javelin
3. Caralina Malling – Naish Glide Catalina
Fun Class-Men
1. Thomas Gelfort – Naish Nalu 11.6
2. Jörg Dittmann – Naish Glide 12.0
3. Micheal Ulbricht – Naish Glide 12.0
Race Class-Men
1. Adam Malling – Naish Glide Javelin
2. Markus Perrevoort – Naish Glide Javelin AST
3. Jan Diestel – Naish Glide Javelin

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