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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Strokes" - Photo journey Vol. 3.

"Strokes" - Photo journey Vol. 3.

Here is the last part of the SUP Race "Strokes" a really fantastic experience for everyone.
This time it's all about "The End" of it - after 5 hours, 42 km. of constant paddling, sweat and pain, finally it was all over and friends and family were waiting with lots of food and cold drinks.

Afterwards we all had a very nice barbecue at Folkes place, as I mentioned in an earlier blogpost, and again I must say that this was a really special event in every way - well done Folke, I'm looking forward to the "Strokes" event next year.

And a huge congrats to all of you guy's going through this race, you are simply a bunch of "Bad Mother f--kers"!! :)

(PS. click on pic's for a larger view)

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