Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Monday, August 6, 2012

"Strokes" - Photo journey Vol. 1.

Photo journey Vol. 1.

A couple of days ago I joined the crew behind the SUP event named "Strokes" arranged by Folkes . It turned out to be a very successful and very professional event, even though only a small group of 6 persons had decided to be a part of this "hardcore" SUP event.
42 km - a full marathon - was the length of the distance these guy's had to paddle, actually it was the longest distance of a SUP race ever held in Denmark, so these guy's had to have a bit of "balls" to signup for this kind of event.
I decided to patipate as a photographer. I had to see for my self if they actually could pull this through.

Mads Ring and Morten Lander ( Morten became no. 2 in the Danish Championship a week before ) were the two leading profiles, but Folke himself and 3 other guy's (Henrik Lund, Phillip Petersen, and one more guy which name just disappeared in my "old molded brain" (His name was Mikkel Hvid!!) were all very stoked when I meet them at the parking lot besides Hou habour early saturday morning.
The weather was perfect and two boats (with medical assistance in one of them) were following the guy's all through this amazing race, so Folke had thought of everything regarding safety and I instantly felt that this was a professional arrangement.
Morten Lander had decided to participate despite of back problems - RESPECT Morten!!

Mads Ring won this very hard event followed by Morten Lander only 2 minutes after - It took Mads Ring 5:11 minutes to paddle these 42 km. in the difficult conditions such a long distance of crossing some open water demands. But Morten was right at his tail all the way through - very impressing to watch these two guy's constantly pushing each other to the max for 5 hours straight - You both have my deepest respect, very impressing.

After the race we were all invited to "Folkes Casa" for some cold drinks, a huge barbecue and some good old "Danish Hygge"!! - a perfect ending to a perfect race!!! Thanks Folke for a sublime arrangement, I can't wait for next years STOKES Event, because this was simply a really pleasant experience for all of us.

So if any of you guy's reading this little blog post want to test yourself (and your "Balls"), then this event will take place every year. And I can assure you that I will be there shooting everything once again - and enjoying that I sit comfortable in a boat watching it all happen through a lens!! 

Here is the first part of my photo journey from this brilliant and very impressing race, hope you like some these shoots from STROKES 2012.

(PS. click on pic's for a larger view )

Fresh hands

Please sign this !!! - it's your own responsibility out there.

Skippers meeting before the race began

The Doc (blue shirt) who was following this event

Mr. Lander with a huge smile!!

More fresh hands!!

Here we go - 42 km is waiting ahead!!

Boat no. 1 with crew

Boat no. 2 with crew 

First sight of Tunø - a very charming little island with no cars at all

Still a VERY loooong way home!!

Mr. Folke - A man with a vision - and a mission!!

Mads showed amazing power all through the race!!

Showing some super good style out there Morten!!

Mads Ring's board - Jaws !!

PS. Watch out for "Stokes" 
Photo journey Vol. 2. - coming very soon !!

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