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Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

SUP DM in Klitmøller 2012

SUP DM in Klitmøller 2012

When Lars Petersen invitede me to shoot the second Danish SUP Championship, I of course couldn't say no, since last year was a really nice experience. 
We are talking about some of the best SUP'ers in Denmark - Casper Steinfath, his brother Peter, Oliver Hartkopp Adam Malling from SUP Nordic and a bunch of other SUP enthusiasts were going to show up to this great event.Youngsters,fantastic females and a bunch of guy's all together - just having some really great time together.

The Weather forecast showed some potential, and everything was looking pretty OK - which were the the main reason why I got into my car at 3:45 and drove to Klitmøller.
When I arrived the sun was shining and a beautiful day was taking shape, BUT the waves weren't that big - hey, that's how it is with these things depending on the mood of the weather Gods. But during the night it was changing a bit and on the second day the conditions showed up to be quite all right. 

Everybody had a splendid time through this weekend. And on top of it all Lars had arranged a super dinner at Cafe Conrads. Everybody showed up and had a superb time together!! :) 
Besides that Lars had "high jacked" a very nice "Michelin chef" and her husband who brought us all, the most delicious hot soup ( SUP without an O!!) with home backed "fuldkorns boller"(small whole meat breads m and a sublime cake for a desert - YUMMMMMMMIII!!! - every day during this grea event - this was just beyond perfect - my biggest respect to this very nice couple (sorry I can't remember their names!!! - hey I'm getting old, so give me a brake here....!!! :)

All together it was a very, very nice experience, and since last year the amount of participates has doubled - and of course I have to add, because this event isn't only about being judged and holding up a trophy, it also about meeting some of your pals who all have the same passion as you, enjoying the ocean, having some fun, riding some waves and catching up of what low's you missed, or caught. Said in other words - it's all about the motion of the ocean - it's pure soul!!!  

So next year I can't wait to shoot this great little event again, having some "good old fun", meeting the dudes, and of course lot's of smiles.
Here is my "photo story" from this great event. I have tried to capture the whole atmosphere around this event from the first to the last day - hope you like some of my shots!! 

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