Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Early Sunday sesh"

"Early Sunday sesh"

Weaterforecast looked promising, but as usual it was just one of these days without any real power.
Happening on a Sunday, it's bound to be crowded out there, and indeed it was. 
I can't help thinking about, that one day something serious will happen with a crowded mix of kiters and windsurfers. We should have some kind rules like they have in a lot of other places round the globe - like the 10 man rule in Hawaii. 
I heard a story when I was in Klitmøller, about how a kite line had cut through half a carbon mast - imagine if that had been somebody's arm or even worse - a neck!!! - it would mean life a threatening situation.
Problem is that some of the kiters have it all under control, and others really don't!!. Today I saw some situations where it could have gone really bad. So I would say that the "kite surfer beginners" should pack their gear and get the hell out of this little very crowded place and only show up when they have it under control!!! - otherwise I'm pretty damn sure that something very bad will happen one day.

Anyway here is a "photo sesh" from today at Sticks - sun, fun and and a very crowded Sunday at "Sticks"!!!!

( Click on pic's for a larger view )
Warm up dude!!

Mikkel and Skibber Asmussen!!

John was out there today - looking good and having some fun.

Søren fell in love with Mikkels new Simmer board - no wonder it's light as a feather

Martin going for a 360

That board is mine!!! - Søren didn't want to let go!!!

Navy Seal!!!

Lars Green telling one of the kiters that he was acting like a real idiot out there, and I totally agree on this one Lars. That little f--k up was really close to creating some serious problems several times. He should have his head examined - with a hammer!!! - Well done Lars!!!

Wintex Spree!!

Søren - ripping it on his "antique board"!!!

Jazzy pulled of a couple of wave 360 today - Yehaaaaa!! - well done Mikkel!!

Glory and Fame - are waiting out there!!!
Dudes - talking Dude-stuff!!

Pump up that "the back thing"!!


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