Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Early morning spring session in Sweden

It was "howling" all night and that means when Olie contacted me asking if I were keen on a early morning photo session, I just couldn't resist the possibility of getting some nice shots in the box.
Next morning at 4 o'clock when my alarm clock "went crazy" I was really tempted to stay in my warm bed. But the sound of the strong wind outside was too powerful to ignore, so 20 min later I found myself driving in my car, aiming for Sweden, and meeting up with Alex and Olie in Helsingør.
Today I'm so glad I "pulled my ass" out of bed, because it was one of the most perfect mornings I have ever experinced. Nice size waves, perfect wind direction, and fantastic light all morning from a clear sky. I shoot a huge load of pic's, and some of these shots I will be used for a special edition of Rip'n Snap only about some of the surf sceenes in Scandinavia, something I really look forward to put together.

Anyway her is a very short little photo journey from yesterdays epic surf session with Olie and Alex in Sweden - and a great crowd of "stoked dudes" defeating the cold and just having a great time out there all morning. 

I really hope that the "Wind Gods" will keep the low's coming "like pearls on a string" the rest of the "twenty-twelve" season.....we will see.....after this fantastic morning I'm very optimistic.

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