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Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Check these cool vid's from Nómad-a

I was hooked up with Raol from Nómad-a through a young surfer dude I know - Oliver Hartkopp - and when I saw what these guy's are doing I instantly liked it - such a cool approach to life. It makes you think about what it really means to be rich - is it all about $$$$$??? - or is traveling, meeting new people, surfing new spots - you know just exploring our beautiful blue planet???.
 To me there is absolutely no doubt - Nómad-a have found the right spirit in life.
Check it out for yourself through these super cool and brilliant made vid's which say's it all....
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Nómad-a from Nómad-A on Vimeo.

Nómad-A Mini Trailer from Nómad-A on Vimeo.

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