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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just another day at "Sticks" Vol. 2

I have a confession to make - I really enjoy watching these kiters ripping it - I know I'm a "Judas" in windsurfing circles by admitting this - but hey, these kiters are really having a great time out there!!.
Back in time when I still windsurfed, I hated these kiters, thought they were all a bunch of "fashion surfers" with their big baggy shorts, and a "I'm too good looking for this world" attitude. 
But getting much older and viewing things in a more holistic perspective I know now that it's the same all over. Lot's of "hot headed" guy's out there shouting and screaming at each other (yesterday was no exception!!) and it's just totally misunderstood if you ask me. I would give my right hand (and leg) to just be out there ripping it with these guy's.
So of course it really makes me wonder, because when it comes down to the essentials of surfing and what it's all about - then to me there is absolutely no doubt - all aspects of surfing must be all about having some pure fun, simply by enjoying the motions of the ocean - right!!??
Yesterday I just stood there with my camera watching these kiters ripping it 100%. So here is the second and last photo essay from "Sticks"with lot's of fun and action, even though it wasn't epic or anything, it was "just another good day at Sticks".
PS. I better mention that a few windsurfers also had a really good time in these side-off conditions yesterday.
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