Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Check out the strength of these boards


  1. Apart from the Witchcraft, it doesn't matter on which board he bangs that hammer, it's all Cobra = all same Thai crap. Even the "carbon look" cobra boards have; it's not carbon, it's black plaster covered with some sanded paint(!) Seen it myself during various reparations. The customer is fooled big time. It's called 'good' marketing :-)

  2. Well I'm listening Mr. V - only thing I'm wondering about - If this is a scam, well they are really taking a chance because if people are NOT satisfied with their boards quality - then it will all blow up right in their faces. So I am curious, maybe some of the readers out there who have tried these boards have a comment to this video, if so let us hear you opinion :O)
    All the best
    Rip'n Snap

  3. I do not sail a Witchcraft, but rest asured that these boards can take a beating on the rocks (of Fuerte for example). Don't worry bout the video, these guys know what they're doing. Bouke (the shaper) is, like me, from Holland as well and in Holland & Belgium (and UK!) the boards are getting very popular, mostly because people are getting fed up with the crappy 'durability' of Cobra boards. Even seen guys that weigh as little as 60kg destroy these boards. Without making flat landed forward loops.
    There is 1 downside with Witchcraft though; they're quite expensive. Then again, the second hand prices are much higher then Cobra boards. Friend of mine in Holland sold his 2,5 year old board for 60% of the new price. Try that with a Cobra board. You'll be happy if you get 30%. After 6 months!
    Also because after 6 months the "new" model already comes out (another issue the majority of windsurfers are very tired of). Who wants to buy a brandnew board, and after 6 months it's considered "old"?? What's up with that? It doesn't gain the industry either, everybody knows how that went down the drain. This year alone I have seen 8 guys at the north coast bying boards that are between 12.000 and 14.000 kr a piece (Witchcraft, Flikka & Moo Custom). And no "rabat" here, they pay the full monty. But they rather do that then doing the Cobra "alternative". I think many more sailors will follow this example. I probably also need to empty the wallet, but then you have a board for the next 5 years? I'm going to Fuerte in February and will test a Witch there, if I like the sailing of it I will buy one (probably I do like the sailing but who knows, let's wait and see).

    Cheers Mark

    BTW: that you tube vid is quite old (1-2 years?)

  4. It's the dyneema that takes the beating.

    Just like Witchcraft Flikka Boards also uses dyneema - - and I have been on a Flikka since January. 2 times I have hit a rock with the nose of the board doing a backloop, the 1 time I hit very hard and the nose just got a dent so the board is 3 mm shorter - but no cracks!!!

    My version is the Hardcore Triple Sandwich in full dyneema with 3 years guarantee. If broken within 2 years they replace it no matter how many double loops with flat landings you have done.

    I have broken too many boards from the Cobra factory and the guarantee is a joke - it doesn't cover if you jump the board - what are waveboards made for then? Close to 90% of all production windsurf boards come from 1 factory - Cobra. Is that sound competition? And do they keep on their toes when they haven't serious competition?

    At the moment I'm waiting for another Flikka board to arrive together with 3 others for 2 guys. 2-3 more guys plans to buy Flikka next spring.

  5. GREAT info Klaus P - maybe you could share where you are getting these boards from ( a link to a website etc.??)
    Best / Mark.

  6. Sure Mark: (haven't been updated for long because they are too busy making boards) is more updated regarding shapes and design.
    They have a CNC-maschine so the production is just as modern as i.e. customboards from Quatro.

    Andreas Olandersson (the best jumper in Scandinavia - sorry Kenneth D) has been with them for 1½ year now doing R&D and not broken one single board. He broke 6-8 boards a year during his sponsorship with JP and later Fanatic.

  7. SUPER Klaus - this I'm sure will help anybody out there who's curious about these boards.
    PS. I didn't know that Andreas haven't broken any of these boards yet - that's petty amazing.
    Best / Mark.

  8. These Witchcrafts are super robust and come with 3 yeasr waranty. Thomas landed a jump on a stone in Sweden -> only top coat damages - now holes. Another board would not have survided that crash.

    I once had a 1h swim on Møn with two pieces of a borrowed repaired board which broke again. I do not want to repeat that experience in cold water in winter - maybe one kilometer further out..

    A year ago I switched to witchcraft and are super happy with these boards. They are super fast with fantastic acceleration and more important super lively, snappy and fast on the wave. With the big volume under the masttrack and the strange nose, they cross white water super easy and are quite stabile, although they are quite narrov pintails.

    I would not remmonand them to newcommers in waves, but most others would become happy with these boards.

    And - Try them out before you decide.

    If you are interested - both WITCHCRAFT and FLIKKA are exclusively imported to DK by the Herrmann brothers:

    See you at the coast

    An thanks for the super fotos and the nice video from the last stormy days


  9. Hi Reinhard
    Thank you for your response. These boards seem strong and very durable and I know the "Hermann Bros"s very well - AKA " The Hip Hop Brothers" - they are great guy's :O)
    And thanks for your kind words regarding my shots - I just enjoy watching the whole surf scene very much, now that I can't surf anymore.
    Best Mark.

  10. I just receieved a parcel of three FLIKKA boards. Only one is for me though ;)
    It's my first and I am keen on meeting the spring and the open water soon.
    I cannot comment on riding characteristics yet but from what I see the quality of the board looks great. It is light too.
    I screened the market for all kind of wave boards and were quite surprised that I did not have to pay more for a full carbon custom than a Cobra-board. The choice was kind of simple. With help from Andreas we decided upon a nice shape that would work for my requirements.

  11. Hi Nachoman
    Well it sounds like you are looking forward to some action on your new pice :O)
    I have only heard positive things about these boards, and Anders is a very pleasant guy, so I'm sure you will be one "happy dude" out there - when ever the ice disappears.
    Best Mark

    1. Does the Flikka Quad normally comes with 4 slot boxes?

    2. I really do not know - anybody out there able to help Phil out here.....???
      Maybe the guy's a Hot Sails have some answers??
      Best / Mark.

  12. All the (four) Flikka boards I've seen in the flesh had slot boxes.

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