Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Café-latté Surfing" vs. Soul surfing!!

Sometimes you get so hungry for wind and waves, that you just can't settle down, enjoying one place and just get out there and show some serious soul surfing. Instead everybody just wait, talk and then finally ending up checkking every spot along the whole coast, waisting "good surf time" before they deside which place they are going for. Sorry guy's but this is pure "Café Latté surfing" witnessing that you are slowly getting old, comfortable and a bit out there in "nowhere land".
Next time just forget all the "Latté surfing" and instead of "wimping like girls", then just get out there, show some moves, have some fun and enjoy some good old soul surfing.
PS. Mads Lunø - you came, you surfed and you concured the whole scene -  that's what I call soul :O)
Here's a couple of pic's.....

Early morning "fritz"

Some good old "Soul Surfing"

Mads T - saying a small prayer in honor to the "Wind Gods"

"The Latté Dudes"


Mads Lunø air

Mads T.

Lunø ripping'n snapping it

PS. a few more pic's are coming tomorrow...