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Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Andy Macdonald pic's from CPH skatepark

When my daughter and I was shooting some of the skaters in CPH the other - we saw a guy who really stood out and showed some amazing moves. His name was Andy Macdonald and he is a pro skater from California. Here is a little photo essay from some of his moves edited by my daughter Marie Wengler.

( Click for a larger view )

Andy Macdonald edited by Marie Wengler - after.


Andy Macdonald showed some very smooth moves and all the young guy's just stood there looking at him getting some serious inspiration.

If I had half a day with this guy, I know I really could make some really interesting pic's. 
I told him I was stocked about his style and jumps - but he just replyed 
"well I haven't showed anything worth shooting today"!!! - too me it looked pretty much OK... 

Check out Andy's website HERE
- and his Facebook profile HERE

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