Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Just another sunny day at "Sticks"....

It isn't that often things really come together, but when the sun is shining, and the whether forecast are promising some windy conditions, then I simply have to "shoot some pixels".
Yesterday was one of these days where sun, fun and lot's of smiles were allover the place at "Sticks". It wasn't epic, it wasn't big, but it was just "one of these fun'n sunny days".

Yehaaaa!!! - I really, really miss surfing - that's a fact - and I hope some of you guy's out there enjoy it a bit of me as well, because Surfing, Windsurfing or Kitesurfing are f--king awesome sports, which give life a touch of freedom, a short escape from "grumpy" wife's and the normal everyday "9 to 5" life. Somehow it "spices up" your life for a while in a way, very few other sports are able to. A pure mix of excitement, disappointment and time wasted - but f--k that, when everything comes together during some of the good days - then you are able to "live on" these days for weeks ahead, it gives you energy to cope with all the "B-shit you meet down the alley of life"......I'm positive that "God went surfing on the 7'th day"!!!!!!

Well enough philisophic we go.....hope you'll enjoy this little photo journey from yesterdays surf session at "Sticks".

(Click on pic's for a larger view)

Mads T - enjoying it.

"Mr. V" - perfect pushloop

Paul - pure joy

"Mr. V" - snapping it!

"Mr. V" - backloop atempt 

Mads T - "hanging loose"

Surfing - it beats the hell out of prosaic!! 

Madt T - yehaaaaaaa!!! 

Mr. V - Old school action

Gert "my man" - having some pure fun and a bit of air.

"Mr. Hawai Party" -  baclkooling 

Wonder what these boy's are talking about??

 Gert - big smile to the "lense-brother"

"Beatiful chaos"

 "Old man Paul" - with a bit of "sunny-air"

 Lars - pleasant company!!?? - lot' of smiles

Terkel - with a huge smile!!

 ...and a little "butt-hole"...
(PS. wonder if bobbles are coming out of that little hole 
if Terkel "sacrifice's"little fart out there??!!) 


Lars P- getting some back loop-air

Kite-dude - ripping it good!!

Lars P - a bit of air

 Mr. Green - air

Peter Toft - air

 My old buddy Kim "Rostyboy" all stoked up - with his son Søren 

Wonderful, smiling and "giggling" girls - life is great!!

 It's been a while since I have seen "Rosty Boy" at the North Coast, but yesterday he was really stoked and just couldn't wait to get out there trying some "arial moves"... 
(on my old Mistral Wave board by the way!!!....f--k I really miss surfing!!!)
 -and I the second time out Kim pulls of a perfect push loop.

 But unfortunately something went wrong a bit later, and Kim was hurt badly after only a shot time out there, really hope you are feeling much better today Kim??!!!!

Well that's all for this time folks  
- until next time I wish U all " prosper,peace,prosperity and a big bunch of pancakes" 

Yehaaaaaa!!!! somehow surfing simply rocks!!!