Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Sweden had just perfect conditions

The last couple of weeks we have had a lot of Low's moving in from the west - like pearls on a string - it's been one of the most remarkable seasons I can remember ever. You could say that this "global warming thing" really have changed and benefitted the Scandinavian surf scene the last year or so, it has simply been out of control, with conditions I never thought possible in this region.
The it happen again last Wednesday - another "BIG Wednesday" - lined up with powerful waves pounding against the shore all day after a powerful storm had pushed the water into Kattegat (the local ocean area). I was very privileged to be able to spend the day photographing the Surfer's in Sweden, and what a day it was. Unbelievable, it will stay in my mind for many years ahead that's for sure.

I shoot over 3000 pic's so it will take a while before I have gotten through all these shots, but the plan is to make a Rip'n Snap Special Edition ONLY with pic's from the surf scene in Scandinavia, and I can promise you all, that it will present some pretty Ok shots from some of these fantastic moments, during all these Low's we have had lately. Hopefully it isn't over yet....... 
just LOVE Low's!!

This series of shots reprecent the first sight I saw when I got out of the car - Chris Hartkopp ripping it really good!!
- and the waves just kept on getting bigger and more solid all day, peaking around 3 o'clock. 

PS. much more pic's later......

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