Rip'n Snap Vol. 1

Rip'n Snap Vol. 1
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Welcome to the new Rip'n Snap platform

To everyone and everybody on this planet!!!!

I have chosen a new platform for Rip'n Snap - a Wordpress platform - It's a much more dynamic web platform, which is why I have chosen to change everything for future publications of Rip'n Snap.
So welcome to the new Rip'n Snap blog, hope you like it!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas session with the usual suspects!!!

Christmas session with the usual suspects!!!

When Chris called me up and told me that they were going on a "Christmas mission" yesterday, I was of course stoked (that word is by the way Chris' middle name!!) 
So we meet up at a "multinational gas pusher" aka Statoil - here we filled up the supplies of what ever needed for this "Christmas surf mission" - you never know, they say that "the end is near" (friday it should all be over according to the old Maya calendar!! - so I guess it's all about enjoying it right now, right this moment!!!!! :)
It was raining heavily after several days of minus degrees so our trip was like driving in a "big slush ice winter wonderland" - but we managed to get there after a couple of hours drive. So here is what this little committed group of Scandinavian surfers found over there in "land of Swedes".